California EDD and FTB Tax Liability Claims:

The State of California has one of the most complex sets of tax regulations out of all the states in the Nation.  The primary tax issues faced by most small businesses involve employment taxes and sales and use taxes.  California’s Employment Development Department (“EDD”) is responsible for regulating employment taxes while the Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”) handles sales and use taxes.  If your company does not pay taxes required by the EDD, you may be investigated and penalized for such non-payment.  Also, for example, if your company buys equipment for use in California from an out-of-state supplier and does not pay use on it, the FTB may investigate the purchase and require the payment of use taxes.

If you have a company that needs assistance navigating these types of tax issues, you may contact Mr. Gourde, an experienced attorney in dealing with EDD and FTB tax matters and claims.

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