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Security For You And Your Loved Ones

Estate Planning is a goal-oriented activity designed to provide the greatest possible financial security for both you and your beneficiaries. Effective estate planning involves considering two primary issues: Lifetime incapacity and post-death transfers of property. There are many steps involved in the estate planning process. They include the following:

1. Determining what assets your estate includes.
2. Assessing any possible estate tax consequences.
3. Establishing your various goals and objectives.
4. Prioritizing your goals.
5. Selecting estate planning professionals.
6. Writing a will or creating a trust.

There are several reasons everyone should consider having an estate plan. These are:

1. To ensure that minor children receive proper care, both from a financial point of view and from the standpoint of providing for their physical and emotional welfare.
Reduce or even eliminate estate taxes.

2. To provide for estate liquidity, which means having sufficient assets readily available to pay debts and final expenses. This will help you avoid the forced sale of assets at less than fair market value to pay bills and taxes.

3. To reduce the likelihood of intra-family squabbles. Carefully constructing an estate plan can reduce disputes and the possibility that an heir will believe he or she has received inadequate provisions.

4. Avoid the cost and time of probate.

5. To make provisions for the orderly transfer of ownership and management of family- operated business. Failure to make such provisions could easily result in transferring business interests to others who have no experience and/or desire to continue the operation of the business.

A skilled and experienced attorney can fully and professionally address these concerns. Thomas L. Gourde has significant skill and experience assisting clients with their estate planning needs. He has counseled numerous clients on how to provide for their beneficiaries, properly prepare for the disposition of their property and also on how to avoid probate and estate taxes


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