Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract Claims:

The law generally recognizes that there are three types of enforceable contracts:

  • Written
  • Oral
  • Expressed or Implied

There are minimum requirements for a party to be contractually bound to a contract.  The general requirements are that the agreement be between two or more parties, the parties must have the mental capacity to understand that they are entering into a binding contract, there is a mutual consideration by the parties and the contract is not made in violation of any law or regulation. For example, when an individual or company enters into an agreement for the purchase of goods or services, it is expected that both parties will abide by the terms of the agreement.  Consequently, when one or more of the parties to the contract fails to perform as anticipated, it is a breach and it is important to obtain an experienced lawyer to protect the interests of the wronged. 

Mr. Gourde, over the past several years, has represented businesses and individuals in a wide range of contract matters, including breach of contract and anticipatory repudiation claims.  He recognizes that no two cases are identical and that every case requires meticulous preparation and a creative strategy to obtain the desired results.  If you have entered into a binding contract and one of the other parties has failed to meet the terms of the agreement, he can assist you to recover damages for losses incurred.

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