Estate and Gift Planning in California

When done properly, estate planning will leave you with peace of mind that your assets be distributed exactly as you desire. No one wants to think about death, and that is a reason that so many people put off estate planning, sometimes until it is too late. The best estate plans settle an estate effortlessly, avoid probate, and distribute portions of your estate to your desired loved ones. Attorney Thomas L. Gourde is an experienced estate planner with the focus of helping you to create a comprehensive estate plan and accomplish your goals to preserve your legacy for your heirs.

Not only will estate planning ease the transition of property ownership after death, but estate planning is also beneficial during your living years. Estate planning can help grow and preserve assets during life. Having a plan for property will help to ensure that the property is distributed as desired after passing. Finally, the value of the estate will be maximized by reducing taxes and other expenses.

The process of estate planning involves:

Wills- in which to name an executor, and provide for the distribution of assets at death, as well as appoint a guardian for minor children.

Trusts - in many cases these will help to avoid probate by basically passing on control of the property to an appointed heir.

Powers of attorney - the authorization to act on someone else's behalf.

To optimize the value of your assets for your heirs, contact Thomas L. Gourde today to create your estate plan. A properly executed estate plan will protect and preserve your assets and property, and when the time comes, ease the legal ownership to the next generation.
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