Insurance Defense:

Insurance defense encompasses the defense of claims made by injured or harmed victims against the responsible insured for either negligence or malpractice.  Dealing with insurance is a fact of life - whether you drive a car, provide medical services, own property or sell a product - and you will need to deal with insurance or obtain insurance coverage.
Insurance defense matters fall generally within the following legal areas, among others:

1. Personal injury
2. Products liability
3. Professional liability
4. Property damage
5. Crop loss
6. Minor's compromises
7. Coverage issues
8. Statements under oath
9. Under insured and uninsured defense
10.Construction claims
11.Homeowners claims
12.Automobile claims
13.Premises liability
14.Employment law
15.Potential fraudulent claims
16.Appellate practice

Mr. Gourde professionally handles insurance defense matters throughout Southern California in both state and federal courts

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