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In Orange County California's complex business and commercial environment, choosing the appropriate business entity for any venture is a critical decision. Once a business is established, legal disputes become an unfortunate but unavoidable part of the landscape, requiring sophisticated professional assistance. Therefore, when seeking guidance on creating a business or addressing later disputes, qualified and experienced legal counsel is essential to navigate through all entity formation issues and to address, both quickly and efficiently, ongoing disputes to favorably resolve them. Effective business counsel can even be an asset to a company or corporation.

Thomas L. Gourde, Attorney at Law, has significant experience forming businesses and handling and litigating business disputes of every nature. He thoroughly understands the burden litigation can have on a business, and works to efficiently represent each client; while also being well versed in business concepts and California business law. Mr. Gourde has handled matters in all areas shown on the left.

If you are seeking counsel on the formation of a business entity, or have a dispute that arises in one of these areas, please contact Mr. Gourde for a consultation. He will immediately take steps to assist you with your venture or protect your business and related interests while assessing if your matter can be resolved without expensive and protracted litigation. If early resolution of your matter is not possible, Mr. Gourde will aggressively and professionally represent your business’ interests so that you obtain an appropriate result, either through mediation, arbitration, or trial.


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