Professional and Personal Liability and Negligence Issues:

Any professional, whether a physician, accountant, architect, or lawyer has a high standard of conduct and responsibility to their patients or clients.  Any services provided by a professional that do not meet the high standards required or expected can subject the professional to a claim of negligence - whether it be for medical malpractice, faulty design work, or legal incompetence. The stakes for the professional can be very high and the cost very significant.

Mr. Gourde has extensive experience representing various professionals in matters involving complaints to state agencies about the professional’s competence, administrative claims over licensing issues, and malpractice cases which have been litigated to trial.  All of these matters involve a thorough understanding of the duties and obligations of various professionals and the licensing issues involved.  If you have professional malpractice issues or licensing questions, seek an attorney you can trust, Mr. Gourde is that attorney.

If you have any questions about professional and personal liability and negligence issues, please contact Mr. Gourde at (949) 825-6525.


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