Wills For California Residents

When you are an executor, everything starts with a will. It is the document that names you to serve as executor (though you must be given your legal authority by the probate court), and it contains directions you must follow when you eventually distribute the deceased person's property. To begin, you will need to get your hands on the original document and file it with the local court (even if you do not think you will need to conduct a probate court proceeding).

Then you will need to spend some time reading the document--not always an easy task, since many wills are filled with "legalese." An attorney can tell you how to decipher the terms of the will, and what kinds of provisions could cause confusion or family disputes. Outside circumstances can have a big effect on a will as well--for example, if the will-maker divorced after making the will, or had more children. The terms of the will may be affected by the changes.

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